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Hair loss ?

I know I'm lucky to be alive so hair loss seems to be a small price to pay. My partner thinks I'd look good in a ginger wig ! But following the stroke I lost a stone in weight overnight which has left me with the skin of an 80 year old , there is zero elasticity, just ' Turkey neck ' all over. Any ideas anyone ? I do thai chi, yoga, aerobics and weights. In fact I lead the same life as BS, before stroke, almost. Except I'm more aware of my diet, low caffeine, salt, fat, little alcohol. My doctor wants to keep me on the meds, no ablation . My inr is around 2.5 and I feel good. I've read as much as possible but it's still a bit of a minefield. I'd love an answer like most of us, why ? What did I do to start this journey ? When did my heart change it's beating pattern? How did that happen ? Could I have prevented it ? In fact my kids are searching for answers, just in case ..........

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Don't beat yourself about about why. Nobody actually know why although there are some genetic clues as well as some acquired possibilities. It is known that endurance training can change the heart and make it likely for AF and strangely fighter pilots are another group more likely to get AF

To have AF you need a pre-disposition to it and then any kind of trigger could set it off. It is such a mongrel condition and we all experience it so differently that there is no one size fits all answer.

Good luck and remember AF may be in your life but do not let it become your life.



Since I have had my ablation I have lost ALOT of hair. Could be meds. But most people think that it is due to the anesthetic. I complain and the Dr looks at me like I have lost my mind because I have a lot of hair and I am not bald by any means. Do not beat yourself up asking why or how this happened and just concentrate on getting on with life and doing what needs to be done to have a stable well rounded life. I too have given up things I enjoyed, like a glass of wine in the evening, and a great cup of flavored coffee with cream, and gone to just fruit, fish, and veggies. Nothing white. My skin looks dull, but, facials help and I get a massage once a month. Anyway my point is you are not in a life threatening situation or terminal situation as long as you are being treated. We tried meds and then did a cryo-ablation. I had one episode of atrial flutter and they put me on mytoprolol and propafonone. I figure if I have to take a couple of pills a day I am lucky. Take care. Watch what you read and listen to. If you are like me I have everyone else's symptoms too!!!! Good luck. And keep us in the loop as to your condition.


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