Bisorolol Heart Block ?

Change round your Meds with your Dr's blessings as this med is to slow your heart rate down,if you take them at night you are asleep it COULD give you Heart Block ie your heart rate could go down even more being asleep and restfull.Taking this med in the day time might be better for you as are you are moving around more, even if your heart rate is slower thats ok..I had thought of changing to night having given it some thoughts I think taking these meds in the mornings will be better all round even if I do feel very tired, I'm hoping to get used to them in a few weeks, if I'm still having problems then I shall go back to my Dr's and see what he thinks.

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  • We are all different and taking it at night works for me, in fact most of my episodes start at rest or during the night. My learning is the doctors don't always know what is best for me personally and I don't think many doctors who prescribe Bisoprolol have ever taken it, in fact there is a video of a cardiologist voicing this when he was prescribed it on the AFA site and how disabling the fatigue can be. sometimes the drugs are more symptomatic than the disease. I have low BP and the one thing that Biso has done is raise my BP and keep it at a level that enables me to function, mostly! That keeps me out of hospital so I tolerate it for that reason only. I discuss with my doctors the pros and cons of a situation but it is always my choice, just hope it is an informed one.

    Hope you find a way through, it is so frustrating when you have been very active to feel restricted.

  • Thank you for your posting.

  • Ps I thought Beancounter's experience might be useful to you, there are other drugs. Sometimes though the GP's choose the cheapest option or the most popular because that is the one they have most experience with but very well worth discussing with him possible alternatives.

  • CDreamer.

    Thank you for your posting

  • I was advised to take2.5mg Bisoprolol in the morning, but not sure if that`s because it is more effective taken then or because the cardiologist felt I was more likely to remember to take it then! A friend who also takes 2.5mg Bisoprolol daily takes half first thing in the morning and the other half just before she goes to bed. I guess it`s a case of what works best for you. However, I have to say that if taking the highest possible dosage I would be somewhat hesitant about taking it at night.

  • Langara.

    Never thought of splitting the dose you have me thinking now ! I have been feeling awful for a few days, today I feel a bit better so maybe more used to this meds ,fingers crossed for tomorrow !


  • Don't break tablets to take half dose discuss with doc and get lower doses prescribed to take half dose am and pm if appropriate ❇

  • Frills.

    Ok no problem thanks.

  • Frills, why not brake the tablets? Emconcor (bisoprolol) is such a pretty heart formed tablet and easy to break in two. Can the concentrations be different? In the tablet halves.

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