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Again new irrethemia was mentioned in my last ECG , next to tachycardia

I'm already on sotalol , don't know what can I do more that taking this strong drug and still suffering

I wonder if sotalol itself is making my symptoms worse! I don't remember having such diagnose or symptoms before my ablation! I was diagnosed as atrial flutter and disappeared after ablation , replaced by list of other serious irrethemia in addition to tachycardia such as VT , And now VPC

Can sotalol make the symptoms worse? Before ablation I was on bisoprolol for a year and I was a lot better than now after ablation

I know it is hard to tell now , praying to god that I will end this suffering soon with a good treatment

I feel anxiety is killing me , not sure it is from my health problems or the other round , I can't really rest without anti anxiety pills !

Apologies for my low mood today , I'm really feeling bad since my ER admission yesterday


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Hi Maitha . Sorry to hear about your problems and equally sorry I can't offer any advice but this is beyond my experience. All I can say is try to be positive and we are all with you.



Hi Maitha - I'm sorry to hear what you are going through. I used to take sotalol as a 'pill in the pocket', until it stopped working for me. I can understand your anxiety and it's all very well for other people to say don't worry or it will make things worse (although it is true). They don't understand what you are going through. You know, people on here have different degrees of AF. Until I experienced AF as I have recently I had no idea it could be so bad. Do you have a blood pressure monitor so that you can see what effect the sotolol has when you take them?

I've been told I can't take any beta blocker pills now as they take my blood pressure and pulse down too low and could cause my death. At the moment I'm on amiodarone and digoxin, my pulse is between 116 and 130 and I'm hopefully having yet another cardioversion mid March.

Do you have your next ablation booked?

Big hug and wishing you well.



So sorry you feel so stressed Maitha, not surprising with all you are going through. You are having a really bad time.

Sometimes it annoys me when AF is not given the attention it deserves by some medics. Someone said that medics and,( none sufferers for that matter), should have a vest strapped to them which brings on AF for an hour of so, (preferably at the extreme end of the spectrum), and then people would know what we go through. I bet attitudes would change then!

Also there seems to be a vast difference between us all in that some AFib patients have very few symptoms while others are plagued by horrible ones and everything in between.

My daughter has just had her first baby and had a very pain controlled stress free birth. Conversely my friends daughter had an awful birth a few days earlier and had a terrible time. I would not say for one minute that she was less resilient, less robust or less able to endure pain and was ultimately weaker because she had a bad time of it and my daughter was of stronger character because she did not have a rough time. As all women know the birth experience is unique to each person. "Walk a mile in another persons shoes" I would say, then comment.

Similarly, we Afibbers have different degrees of AF symptoms and arrhythmia complexities. You sadly appear to be on the acute end of the spectrum and I feel so much for you. Never apologise for feeling low, you would love to be fully well and deserve all the help there is to get there. Think about it, in reality you are stronger than most because you are fighting through awful suffering. Be less hard on yourself.

Trusting your trip to America will give you the good outcome you deserve and in the meantime hope you can find solace in the knowledge that there are excellent medics out there who will do their very best to end your pain.

God bless.


Thank you all for your kind support which I do really need it more than anything even without any medical feedback and trying my best to remain strong and calm as far as I can Bob , at the end all upon God will

Dear jean I have nothing to do in the meantime rather than awaiting my appointment abroad for EP study which took soooo long ( maybe due to hard weather there ) , I don't want to risk here another ablation since their experience still limited

I know all of you are suffering somehow and appreciate your time to respond , it means a lot for me

What made me really sad these days seeing my symptoms getting worse and not responding to medication as last few months

Yes mead foot we are different in responding to pain and maybe I should be stronger for my parents and dear family

I'm going to meet my cardiologist tomorrow for advise for the time being even he keeps on mentioning that my case is complex and I should have pacemaker , I should be strong ready for the long flight without my lovely kids

Hope no one else in this world to suffer from pain or sick , thank god for everything


Well I think you are very brave, you have a lot to put up with and I just hope that they manage to figure out what's going on in the US and calm down these horrible symptoms. Sending big hugs...


Thank you dear ;)


Dear Maitha,

I do hope you start to feel better soon. I hope you can get to see a top EP so you will know what treatment should be and what will help you,

best wishes Rosemary


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