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First AF episode for 3 years been 3 days now. At what point should I stop waiting for it to go and see my doctor

First diagnosed in1999 after all the tests.Thought I had got away with AF but having done 5 lengths of quick front crawl I got that heart explosion I remembered only too well. Also like to know what modern drugs and procedures as having read this forum previously treatment doesn't seem to have changed over the last few years. Currently take 80mg of Soltalol daily and 75mg Aspirin. Rightly or wrongly I up my Soltalol dosage whilst in AF. Previous episode 3 years ago which went away after a couple of days. Don't want this one to go on much longer or permanent. Be great if anyone has any advice. Thanks Tony

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I think you should see him as soon as possible. Sotalol is mainly a beta blocker although it does have some rhythm control abilities. There are other drugs which may help you revert to NSR such as flecainide or even amiodarone.

The most important point is that aspirin is about as useful as a chocolate fire-guard in stroke prevention for AF so you need to discuss your risk factors and consider warfarin or another anticoagulant. Of course aspirin can help with some cardiac conditions but NOT AF.


G'day Radar,

Go straight away ! If your car engine suddenly developed a fault you'd go and get some diagnostics done straight away - why treat your heart any differently ? Seriously though - when I first found out that I had AF it took my GP in conjunction with local A & E 9 hours to have a diagnosis and start treatment. That has been a big, big, plus in minimising the impact/severity of AF.

Good luck

Aussie John


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