Hi everyone , had my cardio version yesterday , heart a little stubborn took the three shocks to work !

Feel ok, chest feels a bit batterd but a small price to pay. Resting heart rate after was still ninty so that was a little disappointing has anyone else had the same? Still on warfarin for six weeks , digoxin dropped , verapermil until I see docs to sort bp out as v high. Resting now and praying it stays in normal rythumn for as long as ! X

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  • Raised heart rate is normal and should gradually lower. but may take a while.


  • Thank you for response x

  • Hi - So glad all went well for you. I had my cardioversion two weeks ago and am still doing fine. I wont brag that I'm cured as it's early days yet. When I've gone three months with no paroxysmal AF I will feel more confident that it has succeeded. I dropped Digoxin a few days before and was I glad as it didn't agree with me at all. I've been a bit paranoid about what to eat now as I've discovered that anything sweet makes my heart beat stronger. Long may your new sinus rhythm continue.

  • Thank you for your reply am so glad yours was sucessful too yes early days but have to be positive x fingers crossed for us both x had only been in permanant af for three months but wow does it change your life around so quickly ! X

  • of course, its the same as your normal car engine, now running on all 4 cylinders instead of 3 or even 2. Instant results, fingers crossed it keep s that way for you both

  • Congrats... I had it done this past Tuesday went from 152 heart rate to a nice steady 63.....

  • Glad went well x x long may it last x

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