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Financial motives

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Do some private clinics overtreat based on financial gain

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Yes. There was a scandal a few years ago about urology clinics referring patients to their own radiation clinics or getting kickbacks:

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I am Very suspicious about 2 of the groups I first had. A large U group that performed some unnecessary tests before finally finding the cancer. They then started me on the wrong drugs. They had slick brochure pack with a DVD that had a CC date of 2012 for a RO place. When I went there, it felt like I was at a used car dealership. I told the RO guy that I had switched from the U group, he was upset about that. He asked why and I told him that I shouldn't have given Prolia with out cause and that I should have been started on Zytiga. In July of this year, he started arguing with me that the data wasn't in about he need for Zytiga. I left and 2 hours later, their finance group wanted me to pay them all of the remaining out of pocket from my insurance as they thought i would be starting treatments.

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They are everywhere, kind of like the guy who tries to sell you 5K in options when you buy a new vehicle.

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Well I come for a country with universal state health (no private hospital…). In our system the problem is under treating (and it starts with under diagnosing). If I could choose between the 2 extremes I know which I would choose… Since I can’t (no way out, they just deduct from salary in form of tax and social contributions) I pay ridiculous amount of money for system that should not even exist in modern states.

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I'm sure they do.

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some of them are owned by venture capitalists. Many private specialty groups in the USA are. Need I say more?

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One-Eyed-Jack in reply to MSPCF2021

Yes, say more please.

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Yes, and include public. Its all about the $$$.

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yes that was my experience with the Urologist at Uro Partners

besides the Dr was an arrogant officious little bitch who talked down to me. He also refused to share his note with my PCP - and always just stood in the room and typed on his computer. The day he patted me on the shoulder ( after being an hour late for my appointment ) and told me " you have to understand that we are very busy with important work " was the end of our " relationship "

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Would you ever go to an M.D. who has an MBA?...especially one dumb enough to list the degree among their credentials on their website?

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monte1111 in reply to Daveofnj

Doctors are the best salesmen in the world: do you want to live or die? Way better than car salesmen: do you want to walk or ride?

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Mrtroxely in reply to monte1111

????I'll top your doctor's with want go up, or down???

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dhccpa in reply to Mrtroxely

LOL you guys are crackin'me up!

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monte1111 in reply to Mrtroxely


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Yes, I think so. There is no money in wellness.........🌹

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It's not just private clinics. Most US universities are just private practices with high overhead.

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pd63 in reply to slpdvmmd

Living in the UK, healthcare is free, so no financial incentives, there is private as well but that's for people with money who want to jump the queue

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Mrtroxely in reply to pd63

Your mistaken dude.Healthcare is not free in UK.

We pay into the NHS from our taxes and wages.

Psst the financial incentives are further up the chain.

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There are only some (very few) that are thinking of profits first.

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jackcop in reply to carbide

That has not been my experience. But your mileage may vary.

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Florida Cancer Specialists was fined $100 million in 2020 for a criminal antitrust for "for “conspiring to allocate medical and radiation oncology treatments for cancer patients in Southwest Florida”.

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And the great thing is, they get to bury their mistakes! 😄

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jackcop in reply to cancerfox

Now that's some dark humor.

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A financial business, With financial businesss selling and recommending drugs that are over inflated to make financial gain....

Selling treatments and drugs to make money.

Focussing on returns for share holders and investors.

Surely they can be trusted to focus on welfare and society before financial gain.....

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Ok, so big or government is always good..

Small or private is always bad.

Got it (sarc/).

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