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Please buy Malecare a camera


Malecare is entirely dedicated to helping men live longer and happier lives after being diagnosed with cancer. We're innovative, caring and focused on peer to peer support. Our twenty year history of acheivement, which you can read about on, is brilliant. That is, except for fundraising. We're the worst at fundraising. Today, we need to raise just under $10,000 for video equipment and supplies. We have a great lineup of doctors, patients and innovators who are eager to appear on our video channel. You can see our first attempt at The content is brilliant and helpful....the production value is crap. In short, we need better camera and lighting and sound recording equipment. Please help us get our production equipment up to speed by either a donation at or by a direct purchase on our Amazon wishlist at The sooner we can get appropriate equipment, the sooner we can begin producing videos, better than the hundreds of other prostate cancer videos online.

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great idea D

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