Advanced Prostate Cancer
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Limonene Supplement

I ran across some info on limonene as a possible interesting supplement. Jarrows sells it in supplement form at vitacost. Here is the title of the article and the link:

"d-Limonene sensitizes docetaxel-induced cytotoxicity in human prostate cancer cells: Generation of reactive oxygen species and induction of apoptosis"

Hope this proves helpful or at least interesting,


P.S. I also found that it reduces inflammation and increases p53.

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Interesting. The only dosing information I could find in the article was for breast cancer at 8 g/m2/day and colorectal at 0.5 or 1 g/m2/day. I could not figure out any prostate dosing. Thank you for posting.


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OK, sounds like the take-away is that limonene enhances the effects of docetaxel, but does taking it alone (not on docetaxel) provide any benefit?


Main Flavor component of Lime. Eating limes might be interesting.



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