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Brain Balance?

Has anyone tried Brain Balance centers?

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My son went through 2 sessions at Brain Balance. It did help. I have to let you know it is costly, but even if you don't enroll you can still read the books by the founder. They explain many symptoms. I loved the staff there because many of them were parents who had children who also completed the program. The program helps parents too with understanding of the why questions. For example how my son could bump into me or step on my foot and not even make the connection of what he was doing. It may not make much sense but that was one sign I knew it was working. One day he ran by me and stepped on my foot as usual, but that time he looked back and said sorry Mommy. It was an important moment. Its worth making an appointment to get information.


Yes we did for 4 months at a cost of about $8,000+. It has not helped our daughter. We did everything they said to do, change diet, do exercises, they came to the school and made suggestions for accommodations that did not work, etc. There were isolated moments of minor improvements that disappeared with the next growth spurt. I also experienced some symptoms worsen. The staff are very nice but you are paying out of pocket for a specialist rate and receiving services from paraprofessional staff. The books will tell you the program and you could try to find a parent that has done it to help you with your questions. Obviously I am extremely disappointed, however it may help another child - so I agree for you to check them out so you have the knowledge that you tried all your options too!


We had my son do a 12 week session in Kindergarten, before he was officially diagnosed with ADHD. He was having trouble with impulse control, inability to sit still or focus and his academics were dropping. The improvements with Brain Balance were very subtle, but were there. You would get glimpses of this great behavior on some days but they weren't consistent. He was able to graduate from kindergarten when the teacher had mentioned before BB that he may need to be held back. It was expensive, I believe we paid $8,000. BB wanted him to continue another session to get the "full effect" but we chose not to due to the cost and 45 min drive we had to make 3 times a week to get there. He started out 1st grade super but by December was falling behind academically again. Per diagnosed with ADHD in Feb and started meds. They have changed his school world so much for the better. I wish BB had shown more immediate and consistent results because we did not want to go the med route.


We enrolled our daughter in the Brain Balance program when she was in the 3rd grade before any "official" diagnosis although ADHD was suspected. She improved on all of their measures during the 12 week program. I do believe it helped her but we still needed to obtain an official ADHD diagnosis just over a year ago in order to gain accommodations in school. She is now in 7th grade. So, my chief observation is that you will need continued support after Brain Balance which was a missing piece for us.