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Hi- Newbie here! My son is 11 who has ADHD and I couldn't tell you the last time my son slept in since he was diagnosed at 5 yrs. old! He wakes up around 5 -5:30 every morning. Even if he goes to bed late, say 10 or 11 pm (somtimes on the weekend)! You would think by this age he would!! Anyone else out there with some suggestions so mom and dad can at sleep until at least 7 am on a weekend once in awhile, lol:)

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My son was the same way until he recently turned 12 and now sleeps a little later til about 8:00/ 8:30. So there is some hope. Not sure if it's adolescence or it also might be that he is so involved in sports that he needs more sleep. When he turned about 9 I told him he can go watch tv or play on his device until we get up. He also was allowed to get his own breakfast, like cereal, nothing that required using appliances.

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Thanks! This is great to hear. Unfortunately mine is not in sports, so we encourage alot of activity when possible by trying to do bike riding, walking, or basketball with him. Yes , we have done the device thing in the morning to where we've had to bribe him to not come out until 7. (So I'm glad I'm not the only one to do this) Like you we've had some easy food for breakfast , without appliance use. Not sure when I will ever feel comfortable him trying cook something on his own!

I appreciate your response, have a great day!!

Teach him how to use an alarm! It worked for us ! We also give him a 2mg of intuniv and meditonian like 1to2 hrs before he goes to bed..

We have one but don't use it, we will start now:) What does the intuniv do? It's been awhile since we've used melatonin, he's never had a problem going to sleep thank goodness! But if it helps him sleep longer, I'm all for it. Thanks so much!

My son has been like this his whole life. Some people just seem to have an internal clock that wakes them up at a certain time. My husband was/is the same way. We've done the suggestions above, and we take turns letting the other person sleep in on weekends (my husband takes Saturday and I take Sunday).

This is good to know mine is not the only one! It does help on school days, but I'm liking your idea of taking turns with my husband on the weekends because I tend to be the early bird and just wake up with him , so it would be nice to just veg:)

Thanks for your response!!

My husband is the early riser, but unlike me, he can't really nap during the day. So if he needs extra sleep I will get up with my son and let him stay asleep, and then I take a nap later in the day.


The Intuniv is prescribed by your pediatrician. 2mg is what he takes..

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