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I wish I could sleep in the bathroom......I know this sounds mad, but we have an extractor fan in there which is the exact noise that soothes my T. It is very close to brown noise which is the polar opposite for my screaming white F# that I live with 365/24/7. If I could carry it around with me all the time I would. I also sleep with my hearing aid in least hubbies snoring is a better noise than my T - and the fact that I can hear him snore is soothing lol !.

Sounds crazy, but seeking out the right background noise can be the difference between living a full life and just existing. It helps me block out the T and enjoy life. I had the good fortune to go cruising over Xmas. The cabin was right at the back of the ship over the engines. To most people they probably couldn't think of a worse cabin to be in - but to me it was like zen. The steady drone of the engines, coupled with the swooshing of the waves was like being swept away - literally. I had the best week of my life on that ship as I didn't notice my T all week. Conversely, I spent a week in Fuerteventura about 10 years ago and the constant wind was like hell on earth. It whistled all day at the same pitch as my T and I could have cried - for the whole week.

I have only been a member here for 2 months , but have had T for nearly 17 years. I can relate to all the stories that I read here and my heart goes out to you all. If you can find your own "background noise" you can start to live your life again.

What's your background noise ?



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16 Replies

  • Hi Jane, yes, this and the old forum keeps me afloat when I feel adrift with my T! I understand your liking the fan noises. When we last took a Brittany Ferry to northern Spain our cabin was near the engine room - bliss! Also, last year we went to Edinburgh for a few days and as we were in the cheap rooms at the back (it was Princess Street) the air conditioning units outside were so relaxing. Just as well as I don't take my sound oasis machine away on holiday ( I have that on rainfall all night, every night). I have pink noise on my maskers which seems to be working for me. Not at the moment though as I have a dreadful head cold, sore throats and aching ears. Nice to read your posts, love, Angela xx

  • Hope you feel better Angela! XOXO

  • Thanks Bee. Today is a better day and the T has quietened. Won't. E going out for a while until I am 100pc. This is my 2nd virus in 4 weeks! My immune system has nothing left! Hope you're ok and all is calm? Love Angela xx

  • Hi Angela, glad today is better! chicken soup and orange juice are always a help! XOXO

  • Hi Jane. After 2 days of relative peace, my #%*^ing T is playing up big time today, as it is prone to do. I'm on the commute listening to gentle nature noises and rainfall on Spotify, which generally does the trick👍🏻 Cheers, Steve

  • Why not record the sound of the fan on your phone and then just play it back on repeat?

  • I love that !!!.....why didn't I think of that before lol😂😂😂. Will definitely do that tonight xx

  • I understand wanting to sleep with the noisy fan. I did that too, but I had a portable fan that made a lot of racket and I set that up near the bed. I then got the sound oasis and play that at night. XOXO Bee

  • I also found that fans and air-conditioners on holiday relieved my T so I've downloaded these noises from Amazon for my Mp3 player which is attached to a flat speaker under my pillow.

  • You can buy on Amazon a device called dohm , it creates a noise exactly like a fan . I find it really helpful . Can adjust different noise levels .

  • I think you can find apps which play brown noise, and there's free MP3s of fans, steam trains, all sorts.

    This looks a spam free site and there's a number of fan sounds available:

  • My high powered hair dryer.

  • Hi, I'm currently searching for a noise that will help mask the drumming in my right ear. I'm currently uisng pink noise but although it's masking the drumming I'm finding it's preventing me from having a rested sleep. I wake after one/two hours and then really struggle to get back to sleep. I use earphones at the moment which are uncomfortable and have just purchased a sound pillow to see if that will help.

  • Hi K, I don't use earphones at night - it's too uncomfortable. I leave my phone on the bedside table and the sound I hear is more natural as it is surrounding me and the room. I listen to brown noise with a music track over the top with a good best - Justin timberlake is a good option, and I find the masker and the music combine to block my tinnitus until I am asleep.

  • Brown noise is he best for me too. Not sure about Justin Timberlake though; I think I'd prefer the tinnitus! 😛

  • Hi Jane.

    I suffer with a drumming in my right ear and an waiting for an appt with ENT specialist . I've discovered that pink noise is working for me at the moment and I've recently invested in Sleep phones which I use at night . They're alot more confortable than using iPod ear phones where I was constantly fiddling with which of course was interrupting my already interrupted sleep and making my ears so so sore.

    I can manage the drumming in my ear ok during the day it's the nights that are the worst. I know that within time things will improve and my sleep will improve.

    Best wishes


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