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Still hurting in groin


On Feb 22 I had a wide excision on my thigh along with 3 lymph nodes removed from my groin. 1 tested positive for melanoma. My concern is the achey feeling I still have in my groin. How long until it feels "normal" again? I know I have titanium clips in there and can feel something firm. It feels like a pulled muscle, kind of, when I sit for long periods. I have a desk job where I sit 8 hours a day. This is a new battle for me, keeping the faith all will be fine. Thanks for any advice.

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Hi there--ten years ago with my Stage 3b diagnosis my mole was located in my left groin and required a sentinel node biopsy which came back positive for metastasis and then removal of over 30 lymph nodes from my upper left leg, groin, and abdomen. I don't remember a lot of pain beyond the drain removal, but I can say that to this day I am numb there. I have no feeling on the left side of my groin, or in my upper left thigh. It's just numb. If it is painful, I would recommend talking to your oncologist/surgeon about it to be sure all is ok. Also, you said you had one node come back positive--are you going on any treatment? I did a year of Interferon ten years ago, and now I am Stage 4 recurrent to all my lymph system from that original melanoma and I am on Keytruda. Melanoma is becoming well known for what they call "late recurrences" which is me, unfortunately. Hopefully your pain subsides soon!

I'm sorry you are having to battle this again! Keep fighting.

No treatment at this time. It was a microscopic cluster of cells in 1 node. I will have labs and ultrasounds every 3 months for the 1st year and then every 4 months, for 5 years. I had multiple scans and they are all clear. It just seems like melanoma never really goes away. I've heard great things about Keytruda. Thank you for responding!

I'm not sure how dedicated you are to your oncologist, but you may want to get a second opinion about treatment. My metastasis to my one sentinel node ten years ago was tiny, as well, not even the one whole lymph node and all other 30 some came back clear. They put me on the year of Interferon as "insurance" and sure enough--it bought me ten years of life and a chance at Keytruda. My oncologist now (who was my oncologist then) said that had I not done the Interferon, my recurrence would likely have occurred within 3-5 years, instead of ten, and I would have likely died as a result. Now I have a chance at NED and life thanks to these new miracle drugs. If even a little melanoma showed up in a lymph node, it is in your blood. I got three opinions with my diagnosis ten years ago, and all agreed that treatment was necessary even with only a tiny metastasis to one sentinel lymph node. Just my experience, however, I know everyone is different.

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