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GERD or Allergies


Basically I suffer with reflux that triggers asthma and causes me daily problems especially where foods are concerned, particularly tomatoes and chocolate (dark or milk). For the last year or so (especially during my pregnancy) I took a particular liking to dark chocolate kitkat a and milk chocolate digestives. Right away during eating I noticed they made my throat tickle but put it down to them irritating my already damaged throat.

Only now I’m wondering if this could be down to an allergy to chocolate or something else used in both products. It’s gone from giving me a tickle in my throat to causing mild wheezing also though I’ve no other typical allergy symptoms upon eating them. I have an appointment with my doctor soon to reevaluate my reflux/asthma problems but not until Monday and wondering if I should cut out chocolate all together until then to see if there’s a difference.

Anyone with reflux induced asthma and/or allergies that could shed some light it would be appreciated. Thank you!