Understanding Clinical Trials
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What does CISCRP do?

The Center for Information and Study on Clinical Research Participation, also known as CISCRP, is a non-profit organization dedicated to engaging the public and patients as partners in the clinical research process.

Our Resources:

Education Tools – We offer books, videos, and brochures which cover a wide range of topics for research participants.

Our Programs:

Aware for All - a Clinical Research Education event designed to educate the public through interactive health exhibits and presentations.

Communicating Trial Results - a program in which we collaborate with pharmaceutical companies to provide non-technical, lay-language clinical trial results to study volunteers.

Our Services:

Search Clinical Trials - A free service designed to manually search for relevant clinical trials on behalf of patients, family and friends overwhelmed by the online search process.

Research Services - CISCRP regularly conducts studies that provide valuable and substantive insights into actionable ways that clinical research professionals can better understand, and more effectively engage with, the public and study volunteers.

For more information visit: ciscrp.org/

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