Bunny love =:x

Bunny love =:x

I think I am going deaf slowly but surely. Loud music? Can't stand it. Night clubs? never been. Nope, I am losing my hearing because my tics are so bad at the moment that my hands are almost constantly slapping into my ears, mainly the left one. Every time I do it, a little more of my hearing goes and I get tinnitus in the key of A# (I checked!). I have still got near enough two and a half weeks until I see the Tourettes specialist (I checked his name online... he's not bad!) and by then I expect I will be covered from top to toe in bruises and unable to hear a thing.

On the plus side, I started my new job as small animal section volunteer and it went well... apart from the fact I struggled not to swear or shout all day because I didn't want to scare the animals and I ended up feeling like I had been run over by a large truck. Thankfully I made it through the day without my most embarrassing tic, 'I f****d a doggy!' coming out. That is NOT a good thing to say in an animal shelter! I did, however smack my hearing aid several times, almost killing it and leaving me with an imprint on the back of my ear. At least it wasn't an animal!

I am also ashamed to admit that I nearly got tempted to adopt another rabbit. With Jenifer costing us a small fortune in vets fees due to the fact she is elderly and Ralphy only ever eating kale, I cannot afford another rabbit. I worked out how much I was paying per year on them and nearly passed out with shock! Over £600! Needless to say I am making some cut-backs, mainly on myself (do I REALLY need more foreign language dictionaries I won't read!?), but some on the rabbits. I have learnt something yesterday at Wood Green. That is that it is possible to have very happy bunnies for less money than I, the sucker, have been spending! The trouble is, you go into these large pet shop chains and they've got things on their shelves that look vital, such as rabbit litter, rabbit shampoo and more. They are not. I know now that the litter box is fine with a layer of newspaper and hay, and rabbits don't need shampooing. They clean themselves! The toys are a rip off as well, especially for my gummy rabbit Ralph because they are all for chewing! He is much happier with a soft toy and a football than an expensive rabbit toy!

Mum has FINALLY said that I am ready to start learning to budget. I won't get my benefits straight away, but soon. My care home is looking into a place called the Papworth trust for me where they help you with budgeting so hopefully I will soon be the proud owner of DLA and income support... although from what I have heard... probably not for much longer... Blooming government...

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  • Why is your screen name "Little Clapham"? I work near Clapham in London : )

  • It's my surname. My ancestors owned a village in North Yorkshire and named it Clapham :)

    <b>Updated on Feb 2 2011 5:35PM:</b> They were compulsive gamblers though and we lost the lot...

  • Good to see you're still around Garry x, Little Clapham is littler than me (I think) Pets are a great support, my old cat Kat, would just flinch at my tics and unfortunately Sasha avoids me as she finds my clapping tic and constant movement a bit too much.

  • Four foot ten I think! Yeah VERY little!