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Help Me

The sun is shining and all is good in the world, I’ve done my “to-do-list” and I’m getting stuck in…hopefully no distractions! Lately, well that’s over the last few days I’ve been a busy little bee, yesterday I had an interesting day in Birmingham, the gist of it is that I’ve volunteered myself for another voluntary job, I found this particular role on the Birmingham and Solihull Foundation Mental Health Trust website, a volunteer events organiser, right up my street, I’m never happy when I’m busying myself trying to pull off some kind of gathering. So I start my new voluntary job on Monday, helping to organise and prepare for an exhibition of fellow service users’ art work at the Custard Factory just outside the city centre. This sounds like a really exciting project and also hopefully will boost my skills and make my more employable so not entirely altruistic. I came home and told Mr Killjoy who said to me “you can’t work in an art gallery, you’ll upset people with your coprolalia” nice to know people believe in you and your capabilities.

Back to my other voluntary job, I want to get a wiggle on with this task, normally I’d have chat with the boss about this one but she’s on holiday (hey Suzanne where’s my postcard?) so this is where I need your help peeps. The master plan is that as the Welfare reform bill be will read in the House of Lords in a couple of weeks I want to get a report together about the experiences that us ticcers have had whilst either applying for ESA (employment and support allowance) or being transferred from Incapacity Benefit to ESA. In particular I’m interested to find out about your experiences with ATOS, good/bad/indifferent? Did the assessor know much about TS and any other co-morbidities? I haven’t got much time left so please get back to me soon, this is quite an important issue that affects a lot of ticcers and I want to make full use of Dame Tanni Grey’s interest in this issue.

Here’s some Brummie music for a sunny day.


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