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Calling all you Cov Kids

Calling all you Cov Kids

I’m gathering some information. I’ve just been contacted by a lady who will be moving to Coventry soon with her 13 year old. During my teaching days on the supply circuit I’d been to a lot of schools in the area I haven’t been to them all, some still remain a mystery to me. For example I’ve never been to Caludon Castle school, the place is a complete mystery to me, yet Whitley Abbey, which is now Whitley Academy I spent almost a year as the Head of Music, so in honesty if I’m happy to spend all that time at a school I’d be happy to send my own child there (if they existed).

Here’s a list of the secondary schools in sunny Cov - news.bbc.co.uk/1/shared/bsp...

Please let me know what you think about your child’s school, is your child being supported well? Have the school been helpful? Are there any issues with bullying? What staff training has been provided by the school to help your child?

Whilst at a pupil referral unit myself and my colleagues had some inset training on “Learning disabilities” TS was included on their list, this training was so bad it was laughable – this doesn’t sound very professional of me but myself and the SENCO were literally almost peed ourselves (me, music teacher having TS, SENCO having dyslexia). Afterwards the head complained that the “training was irrelevant with regards to our own personal experiences and the wealth of knowledge and experience we (the staff as a whole) had acquired” (before their silly inset training). We would have been better off going to the pub instead that afternoon.

Back to my original request, if you and your child have any experience of any of the secondary schools in Cov, please let me know.

Thanks Catherine x

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