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  • This has only been happening recently. I wondered if it was a new security protocol?

  • Thanks - just trying to get to the bottom of it xx

  • it is a pain .

  • Seems to only happen when I am using a device which I haven't used previously to log on. Doesn't seem to recognise email address between different devices

  • I haven't changed anything and have to log in each time.

  • Hi SAGirl123 - that's correct, for security reasons we rely on a combination of a code included in the email and a code based on the device you're using to automatically sign you in when following a link from an email. If you're visiting from a new device then you'll have to log in again.



  • It's a bit annoying. ☺

  • It's a bit annoying when I have to go on the internet site rather than the app that's downloaded

  • Not the app. Pain to use so stick with my daily e-mail

  • Ooops, got that wrong (lack of sleep). Thought it was voting for preferences.....

    As one who can't recall passwords....!

  • I'm logged in via my kindle throughout facebook....can not log in via main desktop as its so slow..

  • I have ticked the box to keep me logged in because I keep forgetting my password (I must have requested for a new password about four times the past month lol), so yes, it can be frustrating at times to have to keep logging in. Thank you.

  • I have had to log in every time recently, and it is bugging me so much that I have tended not to bother logging in at all. I always used to be logged in permanently, which is how I like it.

  • This has only been happening recently. Prior to this I never had to log in.

  • Very annoying as don't log in as often now because it's so time consuming

  • I found that the app didn't update my messages so I've reverted back to website. I much prefer it as it is easier to scan read quickly. I have to unfortunately log in every time though as it won't accept remembering my log in details on either my computer or iPad.

  • I'm using a Mac laptop and am always logged in :)

  • I ticked the box to stay logged in as I have too many passwords to remember.

  • Sorry to be blunt but I'm sick to death having to log in every single time 😡

    It often puts me off replying to an email or commenting on a post ......which is a shame.

  • Thanks Susan-mac - trying to help HU get to the bottom of it. x

  • If I can't access straightaway, I hit the delete button and move on. I can't cope with time consuming complicated things,

  • Have to log in every time now I must admit its a real pain as it only started this week.

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  • Always stay logged in. Only need to re-log after I have done any type of security scan on my desktop (which is oviously par for the course ;) ).

  • I'm always logged in but only ever use my phone, rarely use computer.

  • always have to log in . It is a nuisance.

  • Me too- always have to log in, only started recently, hope it can be fixed!!!

  • I used to be logged in all the time, but recently I have to log in each time, and cannot find a way for the computer or site to keep me logged in.

    It is a pain, as my memory is not great!

  • I use the app on my phone

    I'm always logged in 😊

  • I am always logged in on my desktop Mac but I need to log in overtime on my iPhone

  • Only joined today

  • On my PC I read post headings from email then link to the HU site. Here I have to log in now but didn't used to. On my phone I don't log in.

  • I, too, find logging-on a pain - prefer to stay logged-on please!

  • It's annoying but ...,🤥

  • It might be a pain but....Nothing compared to health related pains. 😁

  • I am always logged into HU on my iPad, but when I access the site through emails on my desktop I am very often asked to log in, even though I never log out.

  • I log in every time i come on to the site - but i do not mind doing this as i hope it will keep the site safe from hackers.

  • The poll doesn't specify if using desktop PC or mobile device, also if using newsfeed or app. I'm in the US, using my iPhone but via my newsfeed (app not avail) and I am always logged in.

  • Was just a quick poll to try and gauge IF people are actually having an issue. Thanks for your comments! :) x

  • Since 6/3/17 when using new laptop with WIN10 and FireFox I'm asked to log in several times a week. Previously used laptop with WIN8 and Firefox and rarely had to log in.

  • If i go direct from an Email im already Logged in But if go through Google have to log in

  • It's only started very recently but when going through the emails I always have to log in now. I'm on a PC not the app.

  • Same here. That's why I find it easier to leave app "open" There must be a word for it 🤔😳

  • Easier when you are already logged in. Have so many different passwords and inevitably put the wrong one in!

  • I ticked Other. I don't remember the last time I logging in. I use my phone and an ordinary browser, not the app. And I nearly always click through emails, either the daily digest or people who have replied to me.

  • I use the app and leave it logged in.

  • Sometimes find I am no longer logged in whilst in middle of replying to a post, having been logged in fine at start of reply

  • It's not hard work to log in and frankly perhaps we should all be prepared to log in as a routine across the board, whatever it is. I went to a cyber crime thing with our local police as a Neighbourhood Watch person and it was truly frightening. NEVER let familiarity with a site(any site) become complacency. The cyber criminals can get into your stuff in a heartbeat. Log in to everything EVERYTIME no matter the, 'pain.' There's the real possibility of a huge, 'PAIN,' to come if you don't.

  • unfortunately on some occasions I have to re-type in my details -- username & password -- and it appears to be that when the system accepts the automated username if I then delete it and then fully manually type in === loh and behold it accepts it , without continually knocking it back === I have had this problem on & off for about 6/7 months and indeed had this today 31/3/17

  • I have actually reported this to louise and hu about a month ago ... and I am obviously not the only one with the same problem

  • No problem for many years, but sometimes the emails just stop. Admin tells me that my emails were reported as spam and stopped.

  • Just realised that I don't get emails from you anymore. This survey seems to be a one off. Don't know why. I don't use a computer at the moment as it died. Just a smartphone...

  • It is a pain. I am just getting interested in something, then I have to log in to see a reply. If I jump to a recommend research page,on my return I have to relog in.😪

  • How can I stay Logged in permanently?

  • Read the email, decided im always logged in, piece of cake, then it made me log in when i clicked the link !!!!!

  • I use Macbook Pro, I Pad and Android phone and leave all logged in but if I haven't used one for a while I am asked to log in again.

  • it is annoying

  • I have to log in every time and when I click on a different topic it asks me to log in again. A one hour session on HealthUnlocked can require a dozen log ins. Funny thing is it has my info so I only have to hit the log in button, I do not have to type in anything. I think this is a very simple bug to fix.

  • Mostly, I do not have to login repeatedly.

    Mostly, I do not have to login when I follow a link from an HU email.

    Mostly, I find the experience nearly the same (as regards logging in) on an iPhone using built-in mail and Safari, on an Android device using built-in mail and Firefox, on a Windows 10 PC mostly using Firefox but sometimes Edge or Internet Explorer. I suspect that combinations of email client and browser account for at least some of the variations of expereince.

    The first time in ages I have to login again on jumping from an email was when I followed the email notifying of this poll!

    I do find it very annoying when, having been using HU perfectly well, I suddenly get stopped as I am posting, editing, sending a PM, etc. To be fair, though, this doesn't actually happen very frequently.

  • I sometimes had difficulties remaining logged-on on my smartphone but it's now resolved.

    However, their Search facility is still lousy. ☹️

    A good forum needs a good Search facility, otherwise nothing can be found - not even our own stuff.

  • Hah! Trying to log in tonight to do this poll it wouldn't recognise my password to let me log in at all. I had to go reset the damn thing! Is there a glitch just now?

  • I don't know why ,the last 5-6 months it's requested to log in every time I want to be in forum? It's very annoying ! Please make me always to be log in

    Thank you!

  • I am in the US. for last 2 - 3 Mo. desk top has been some what "invaded" since I am not really very savy re: elctronics, I thought the device was perhaps having to cope with new 2017 ads etc...Also device not new rebuilt, thought it might be wearing out, need another renovation. No matter what you all have been a valuable resource to me. Thank you.

  • I contacted HU admin about. Logging in problems since the second email I sent them (they said they never got the first one ) I never have to log in 😊

    Google log in only worked one so I had to use name/password. I don't do facebook after they froze my account for allegedly harassing friends - it was complete rubbish nothing I could do about it.

  • 1setimes log on

  • I have had to log in both username AND password manually everytime for the past 3 days to actually access the site [ yet again ]

  • the site is difficult to log in on

  • Dear Louise, for some strange reason all of the instructions/directions etc on this site are now in Spanish! This started today. I am mystified. Don't know if you have any ideas

  • No idea why this happens sometimes! Please report to support@healthunlocked.com

  • I can't get in with my original log-in.

  • Please report to support@healthunlocked.com

  • this has been happening every time I open the HU questions and answers, during past few weeks.

  • UliHU LauraHU

    Thought you might be interested in this poll. We could perhaps do a follow up poll for people who said 'sometimes' and 'always' to see what devices they are using?


  • Hi LouiseRoberts thank you for running this poll! It's really useful, and I was just about to suggest exactly the same idea for a follow-up. Being able to narrow things down to a particular device, operating system, or browser would make it a lot easier to track down.



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