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A new drug used by NHS for cancer.

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I saw a piece of news from newspaper on tube regarding a new drug used for cancer in early March. I only remembered that a patient said he used that drug when his cancer cell was all over the body, and after a couple of weeks there almost nothing with no side-effect so far. There are a two pictures show the screen results before and after him taking the drug. Also I remembered it say the drug has been introduced in NHS several years.

I was chatting about this with a friend who's got breast cancer who seriously interested in the drug's name but i cant remember anything more, nor can I find the correct information on the internet due to limited knowledge. Hopefully somebody here can give me some more ideas, because I really want to provide more information to my friend.

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The drug which has been introduced to cervical cancer is Avastin also known as beviicumiz (spelt incorrectly ) it's had great results in a few cancers. Good luck xx