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Testicular cancer a possibility

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Hi,I'm 57 yrs old and have been waiting to have a scan on one of my breasts! !!got an appointment for next month!!

Speaking to someone recently I mentioned this and he told me of a guy with something similar ,it turned out to be a side effect of testicular cancer. On recent examination of my balls I noticed one is slightly larger than it normally is can't get a gp appointment for 2 weeks. Has anyone else been in a similar situation as I am getting worried, Having said all that I am functioning normal in bollock department.

I should say that my right breast is getting larger than my left one and this can be an imbalance of hormones (this has been going on for months)

Any advice would be gratefully received


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Hi Dabs,

So sorry for the delay in responding to you but it took us much longer (on our part) than anticipated to get this community set up. How have things gone? It is common that one testicle may be slightly larger than the other. When doing a testicular self exam it is important to look for changes. testicularcancersociety.org...

Some testicular cancers can secrete beta-hCG a hormone that can cause enlargement of the breasts in males.

I hope you got everything sorted.

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Dabs12345 in reply to Mike_TCS

Hi ,

Been to hospital, had an ultrasound examination done and everything seems to be okay, possible that I had an infection ,causing enlargement of one testicle but now getting back to normal, thanks for replying to my post.



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Mike_TCSPartner in reply to Dabs12345

Hi Dabs,

That is great to hear that you went to get it checked out and even though it was nothing (which is great news) I am sure than just having some answers gave you some peace of mind. Glad it was all sorted.