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I am assisting an elderly couple who’s in need of adult size large female and x-large male diapers. City of Long Beach . Resources are limit


Senior centers

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Do they qualify for Medicad not medicare if they are low income they could get these items for free though medical or anyone a a vetern the VA will also pay for supplies

Mauser1mmm in reply to srgsng25

they do and i basically am not their conservator with privy to that info yet very surprised they are not being provided with that service. As a long time friend watching them survive and adhere to appalling frivolous regimentation of health concerns not getting them to be independent continues to be my life long calling.


Hi Mauser1mmm, I shared a post recently on Medicaid Assistance in the US. healthunlocked.com/api/redi.... Do you think this is something that could be of help to them? It will tell you what's available in your area, what documents you need to apply, and they actually play a part in contacting the Healthcare provider in seeing the application process through. This could be a sustainable, long term solution for them. Other than that, I'll see what I can find out about the Long Beach area and assistance for supplies! Best of wishes finding what you need. This is a great need in these days. thank you for your willingness to help this couple.

thanks for the reminder and of course it is a good subject

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Also you may find some helpful senior resources on this page: continencecentral.org/reimb...

Are you still in need of ladies diapers. I have some Walmart brand XL pull ups that appear to be made differently now as they are too small for me despite fact that I am over 20# thinner than when I started wearing them!! The measurements on the packaging remains the same stating fits hip to 64".

The only problem is the package is open but you can tell the diapers are not worn because they are still in their compressed state that you take them out of the package. As you know once you open a diaper it is impossible to once again compress it as tightly as it came from the factory. I am a retired health care professional and would not lie and what I said above is true, you would know the minute you looked at the package if the diapers had been tampered with.

I live in Orange County, CA so could mail to you but am not sure on this site how to go about getting your mailing info if your lady could use that size. I will send an email to Health Unlocked and see what they suggest. Perhaps they can act as the middle man in getting your info to me so do not post your address at this time but you can post if you think those diapers will work.

And I don't know if Medi-Cal covers diapers but even if it did not perhaps it would cover other things they are now paying for and then they could afford to buy diapers. They need to apply ASAP.

I am sorry to tell you that I went to the HealthUnlocked Privacy Tips page and then clicked to get more info. There is an email address and name to write to for more info:

Name or title of data protection officer: Pepa Gonzalez

Email address: privacy@healthunlocked.com

However, when you send an email to that email address Google's mail daemon sends you an odd email stating I do not have permission to post to that group or that group no longer exists. They give you a web address to go to for help but when I go to that web address I get page not found.

So it appears HealthUnlocked no longer exists as a company/business and they just left their old non functioning contact info. I wish there was a way to contact someone. I was told this website was a reputable one but apparently not.

If you find out how to contact anyone please let me know.

Thank you.