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Loosing my sight

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Can i get some advice, im starting too lose my sight and it seems to be happening very quickly, is there anyone on here that has experienced this. What should I expect does things go dark does it happen all at one. I a, having some trouble in the past 48 hours that the left eye in the corner seems to be like crystal just a littlebit in the corner. FeFeeling a worried that its starting..x

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hi their have you been to see your doctor or hospital to find out why your losing your sight hope you get help soon kind regards bigalan x

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Im diabetic type 1 pump and its the diabetes thats causing it. I have been registered severely / blind but not much ,ore they xan do, but was just wondering wot other people experienced when it happens. .x

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i'm so sorry about that i know i'm diabetic but how can anyone answer this question i can't even think of how this feels as i don't know i'm lost for words for i just don't know what to say i hope other people can help take care kind regards bigalan xx

hi there i can't believe that you losing you sight because of daibetes i'm type 2 and i can't even start to think of anything i could say that could help you. the only thing i can do is keep thinking about, it is so sad for the first time whilst being on this site that i'm speechless scootltb my heart goes out to you wishing that i could do something but i'm helpless take care i hope someone can help you but i will be here for you if and when needed kindest regards bigalan xx