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Something strange?

I have congenital catarcats, and have frequently experienced 'floaters' and similar. Within the last few months I have seen changes in my vision, and just want to know if they are normal. 

My vision has been seeming to slowly get worse. Things are blurrier and my am lipoid seems to be affecting me more. Additionally I keep seeing flashing lights in my peripheral vision moving to Central when I move my eyes. Sometimes my eyes go into what is almost a spasm. I call it an eye seizure, because I can't think of a better description. Anyone understand this?

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Hi Incomplete, just read your post. I think you've answered your own question really; if your vision has changed and you have experienced a deterioration, it's not "normal" for you. It's very concerning when vision changes, and it's something you should get checked out. Your first stop will be your GP who can refer you to someone who can check your eyes. You can also go to an optician; they do eye health checks as well as testing your vision, and can refer you if there is a problem. In my experience, the smaller, independent opticians seem to be better at this than the high street chains whose staff tend to expect everyone to have come for a pair of glasses and don't really know how to cope with anything else - but that's just my opinion (I'm not RNIB, just another forum member with sight loss).

Wherever you go, do get your sight checked as soon as possible. Good luck!