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I was born with congenital cataracts, my vision has always been below average. Being almost blind in one eye, and having some difficulty with the other. I have never been able to be registered partially sighted (UK system). I do not like doctors and have had recurrent negative experiences of them.

There has been a recent change in my visual acuity bringing my right eye (bad eye) to 60 over 6 on the the snellen scale and my left (good eye) down from 18 over 6 to 28 over 6.

What should I do? This has caused me real distress ad my visual impairment has always been a bit of a 'no discussion' area.

I need help coming to terms with this and discussing what my options are.

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Hello Robin just found you here.

This forum has never really started for some reason. I joined ages ago but no one posted anything so I unjoined.

I am registered blind through an hereidtory something or other. Lost my sight in my 30s.

However I now use the chronoc pain forum fom pain concern as I am also a carer for my husband and find that a lovely, mostly hppy site. Come over there and post of you like.

Meantime if you want to send me private message about sight loss please feel free. Anything you want to ask I will try and answer.

Take care

Pat x