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Prostate Cancer And Gay Men

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For a new prostate cancer 12 page booklet, which title do you prefer?

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Please select one:

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Hi Darryl,

Hoping all is well. Personally my suggestion would be call it something along the lines of Gay Men's Prostate Information and Support Guide. Or Prostate Information and Support Guide for Gay Men.

The reference as a "survival" guide seems more ominous to me rather than supportive or hopeful. Rainbows, Unicorns ---really? That seems cheesy as does another day another dry orgasm.

Of the choices above Gay Life Guide seems best to me and Gay Life Support Guide to Prostate Cancer even better. Hope this will be helpful.



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Gl448 in reply to NYTwin

Rainbows and unicorns is borderline offensive to this 60 year old gay man. Not a fan of the dry orgasm one either, though I appreciate the dry humor behind it.

Gay Man’s Guide to Prostate Cancer?

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DarrylPartner in reply to Gl448

Thanks very much indeed for your comments. Just as an FYI, I doubt the member who suggested the Unicorn title meant it to be offensive, but we wuldn't want to use a title that could be misconstrued in a negative way. Gay Man's Guide to Prostate Cancer is an excellent title, but has already been used. I have a chapter in that one. I'll announce our selection shortly.

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I agree with NYTwin. Something like

Gay Men's Prostate Cancer Information and Support Guide

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Thank you for this opportunity to provide input. I didn't find any of the choices to be 100%. I agree with the comments by NYTwin and thudson1965. Either of their suggested titles would be more suitable.

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DarrylPartner in reply to Roycroft

Please suggest another title

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Roycroft in reply to Darryl

Gay Men's Handbook Of Prostate Cancer


Gay Men and Prostate Cancer: A Guide

Thank you.

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I only balk at the inclusion of “survival,” since it seems exclusively life-or-death as opposed to feeling like “life with and after prostate cancer.” As they say, it’s about thriving not just surviving.

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Echoing NYTwin, I would like to see the word “survival” not used for multiple factors some already expressed but existing data shows many men outlive prostate cancer, it’s more understanding the “new” you after treatment. Lastly, I would try to be more inclusive by having “bi” and “trans” given the cancer doesn’t differentiate and some “bi” men may not read it if it’s strictly reads “gay”

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DarrylPartner in reply to ZacF

Thanks for your comments. We have written a separate booklet (and several book chapters in our new book) for transwomen and will be creating a seperate booklet for bi men.