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USA Cancer Patient Advocacy Opportunity

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Consider representing Malecare and our online community as a patient advocate on the SWOG Cancer Research Network , one of the oldest and largest publicly

funded cancer research networks in the United States. SWOG is recruiting four

volunteer community advocates that will bring diverse perspectives to its

cancer clinical trials and is seeking to fill community advocates in these

communities: advanced/metastatic cancer, caregivers, LGBTQ, and rural

residents. Share insights from your community and be part of a new program

that will directly improve clinical trials - the source of all new cancer

treatments. Applications are simple and are due on February 12, 2021

Community advocates will help:

* Improve trial consent forms

* Build awareness of trials through social media and personal networks

* Review, execute, and improve patient enrollment plans

* Engage hospitals, clinics, and other sites that can offer trials

* Share the results of SWOG trials in their community

Position Requirements

* Community advocates are valued for their front-line perspective on

cancer diagnosis, treatment, and survival issues. For this reason, extensive

experience in clinical trial development and cancer research is discouraged.

Advocates who have served on clinical trial review panels, on an

institutional review board, or in a similar position of cancer research

leadership should apply instead for a SWOG research advocate position as

they become open.

* Have experience with, and a dedicated interest in, advocacy in one

or more cancers. This experience should include holding a leadership role

or having strong ties to local, regional, national and/or social media

cancer advocacy communities.

* Have personal experience with cancer. This can include being a

survivor of cancer, serving as a primary caregiver for a family member or

friend with cancer, or having extensive experience working with cancer

patients in an advocacy role.

* Have the willingness and ability to serve at least one five-year

term; attend two SWOG conferences each year; and take part in monthly

patient advocates teleconference calls.

*Attend as a representative of Malecare

Position Benefits

* Serve the public through life-changing cancer advocacy work

* Be part of experienced and supportive advocate and research teams

* Free travel and training to learn more about cancer clinical trials

A full position description and an application can be found .

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Darryl, Even though the deadline has passed, I would like to be a part of the SWOG clinical trial review. I was in a SWOG clinical trial, and am a Cancer Advocate for Karmanos, and was selected by American Cancer Society to review research grants. I have Advanced Metastatic Prostate Cancer. During the last 16 years, I have had 3 surgeries, 38 sessions of Radiation. and several years of Lupron.

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DarrylPartner in reply to veteransurvivor

Please send me your email via direct message

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