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Adrenal Fatigue? Cortisol induced Brain-fog? Frontal Lobe memory planning difficulties? How much more fun can we get?


Fellow Pit' sufferers,

I am resigned to thinking that my ability to concentrate on tasks is never going to improve and my rages are never going away. Help?

Does anyone have techniques or been given a treatment where their cortisol is normal again and the brain starts to function normally again?

I meditate, tried visualisation, yoga breathing and now exercise but cannot shake the fact that I cannot seem to think straight and if I get upset then lose my temper. What hope is out there?

My op was in 2005 and still don't know who the real me is as expected to be well soon after and it has been a series of obstacles.

Hope someone here has a beautiful story to share, please?


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I didn't have pit surgery but I have lived with empty sella for many years and the problems get worse with age.

I understand the brain fog and rage.

I have had similar problems.

But I now take cortisol twice a day along with synthroid and testosterone daily.

I now live a fairly normal live.

If ýou are not satisfied with your endo, then fire him and get another.

I didn't that but for different reasons.

Life does get better.

Hang in there.

Thanks David, I am grateful for your support.

I take something to keep my tumor in check and now have injections of T and changing my endo is difficult as just changed. The issues are always the same. What is in my control and what can be helped by medicine/therapy etc. so always reaching out for something new.

I am taking on exercise, mindfullness, meditation, visualisation, journalling and trying visualisation (my brain resists planning and visualising happy futures).

Life is getting better and I am certain results will flow soon but scared my folly is still too much search (analysis paralysis) over doing the right things day in day out. The research is my crutch or default when I do have more important things to do.

This forum allows me to share and if a good idea breaks my mental log-jam then brilliant.

My cortisol is ridiculously high so that option is not for me

Hi ZuperNev

Try to stay positive and dont give up.

I am a christian and believe in a great big God.

I will pray on your behalf and ask God for complete healing of your pituitary and the destruction of that tumor.

Complete healing for your body in Jesus name.

Take care