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Hi. I have a pituitary adenoma and have done for the last 14 years. Was treated with meds for a long time but have been off them since 2012. Was wondering if anyone suffers from extreme fatigue as a symptom. I find myself living my life just trying to find a way to get to my next nap and I never feel like I've had a full rested sleep. Anyone know how to tackle this.

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Hi ive a pituitary tumour also had very high prolactin levels and E mind they put me on T which ended up with me having a stroke type issue!

I had Quacks there giving me to opposite ends of the story also!

Pituitary controls everything or as they say the buck stops here!

But there is so much to it many even with very small ones have issues reading from groups like on Buttbook causing processing issues ive Asperger's so something to add to that!