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I would like to share my poem with you all:

A walk into quietness by a flowing melodious stream

Birds showing off their own arrangements

The stream intent on its travels move on

A scene where snowdrops nest huddle together - virginal serene

To blue bell woods where gnarled tree trunks live the lore of secret worlds

Soaring voluptuous limbs wantonly thrusting weaker branches aside in their growth

Spring waking breaking through winters repose

The quite before the climax

The celebrations that heralds spring

A rush of joy - hearing the drumming of a wood pecker

Bluebells pushing through

Abundant new shoots spring from winters debris

Throbbing fertile earth, waiting,ready

Breathing in earth's rich humus

Strong scent of fox

The birth of spring

I was there

holding onto the vision

A jogger passed

We exchanged muted greetings

Carrying the quietness home.

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That's really lovely - feel as if I've been for a walk in the woods. And it reminds me of the lovely Penny Brohn centre too. We need reminders of these beautiful places. Thank you x

You might like to send your poem to The MAP Foundation - Making Arts Personal. MAP provides a place for people to come together as a community to share their artwork and tell their stories. It was founded in 2002 by artist Michele Angelo Petrone. Interesting website: mapfoundation.org

jeanjames in reply to maria50ec

Thank you


As you say an interesting website. I may well send my poem in

lots of love


Very thought provoking. Thank you. Jx

I like it. A little bit racey even! Gave me a sense of the 'urge' of life somehow. More!!!