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Its been a sunny summer so far, but have you been safe in the sun? Which of these top tips from Cancer Research UK do you follow?

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Find out more from Cancer Research UK at their dedicated 'Sun Smart' website.

I don't bother with a hat, but I do make sure that I don't spend too long in the sun at any one time. Many sunscreens contain carcinogens and for those of us with breast cancer exposure to the sun is important to help our bodies produce Vitamin D. Being safe and sensible in the sun is what is most important.

Because I am one of those people who goes the colour of a beetroot in sun I always use a higher SPF - 30 if I can get it, stay in the shade or cover up top to tail.  I never go anywhere without a hat.  Not so much nowadays (since I cured it with feverfew) but just 10 minutes in the sun would leave me with migraine at one point.