November Chat Thread

Hi PD friends. I have been thinking of all of you more and more as my friends and as friends sometimes I would like to share with you things that have nothing to do with PD. Things like going to the movies with the grandkids and what I'm doing on a daily basis. I would also love to hear about your day and your life.

So I was wondering if anyone would like to try having a thread just to chat about anything, not necessarily PD related?

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  • hi - seems a good idea. Also i have been suggesting a chat room for social interaction on another post. But nobody goes there except me lol.

  • Well I missed that post Ozie or I would have gone there.

  • I have one for you Theresa. My mother is 94 years old, still living on her own, but is having a health problem right now. I am headed out to the valley where she lives in a little while. As we all know dealing with stress while having PD is pretty difficult. Last night when I was stressing and couldn't stop shaking, I eventually took half a Xanax and more sinemet, which helped, and I thought of all the times people on this site had mentioned the same kind of things. Boy, is it helpful to know other people have gone through this stuff and I am not alone.

  • So sorry to hear about your Mom having problems Enidah. At 94 she has lived a very long life, hope she has many more good years.

    You are so right about not being able to deal with stress. I've had a very stressful morning and right now I'm shaking like a leaf. I wish I had some Xanax or Valium to take. Here's what went down for me.......

    Last Tuesday I went to see my doctor about going back on to Victoza for my diabetic medication. He agreed. The end of the work day on Wednesday I got a note from my insurance saying they tried to get in touch with the doctor but couldn't. On Thursday morning I took a copy of the e-mail note to his office and left it with receptionist to give to the doctor or his nurse. This morning I get a note from the insurance that the prescription has been cancelled because they were not able to talk to the doctor after several tries.

    So I called the doctor's office to see if I could get squeezed in this morning. When I asked about the situation they said they sent in the form this morning. I assume it is the pre-authorization form. Well the letter said the insurance company needed to talk to the doctor. And I said that....then they said "What letter?". I told them the letter I brought them last Thursday. They insisted they did not have any letter from me or the insurance company and the receptionist didn't remember seeing me last week.

    At that point I totally lost it. I accused them of just throwing the letter away or miss placing it. They were treating me like I was lying or had lost my mind. I admit I did yell and I know I should not have and I am sorry I did. This is not the first time something like this has happened at this office and I told them so. They are a bunch of incompetent workers.

    The doctor said maybe you better find another doctor. I said that's a shame because I think you are the best doctor around here but I can't deal with your office staff. Then I stormed out.

    The doctor said he would refer me to another doctor. I said don't bother, I will handle it.

  • I lost it once when it took a week to get my Rytary. You do not get between a dog and his food or a Parkie and their meds.

  • Theresa, I hope the doctor thing works out! I know of so many good doctors that have awful staff.

    I highly recommend Xanax. I take very little but when I need it I'm glad it's there. I have no capacity to accommodate stress. And once I get stressed it's very hard to come back down from it.

  • I'm the same way Enidah.....once I'm down emotionally getting back to equilibrium takes me a long time. I'm still not there a day later.

  • Sure is disappointing to hear of that kind of thing and you having to search for a new physician. Not very professional on their part. They should have apologized and corrected the problem asap, admitting that they did not know where the letter was.

  • Do we need an official chat thread? Just call this The Chat Thread and chat away here and now : - )

  • This is going to get very Large. I suggest we make a new one each month. We will see how it works out. Looks like folks are interested.

  • Agree, a new one every month.

  • I will have to tell my daughter about this thread. She can talk all day about everything not PD related. So tell me what do you know about pokemon?

  • Nothing. Sorry Hal.

  • I have spent quite some time driving my 12 year old around looking for Pokemon! He's given up far a while as he cant find an elusive charizard!

  • Sure sounds like my family, only difference is my daughter is 23.😁

  • I don't understand how the Pokémon game works. It sounds like it is a salvage hunt? I thought it was a computer game. How can you have a salvage hunt all over the world?

  • It's a virtual game. You look for Pokemon that are in various locations that you can only see on your phone for 15 minutes or so. You have to get to the location then basically catch it by swiping your screen.

    It is great and had my son outside covering 10kms some days!

  • Still don't understand. I guess I would have to see it being done to grasp it. From what you said it seems to me it must use Google Earth to show your location and it virtually puts a Pokémon some place where you are and then you search for that place and swipe the screen when you get there. So the object of the game is to get as many Pokémon as possible? And you have to go place by place so it gets you out of the house? Is that what it is or am I totally off base?

  • That's basically it!

  • OH -- now I understand. Well I'm for anything that gets the kids out of the house.

  • Do you know if, and how, we can attach pictures? I know how to copy and paste a link from the web but i'm not sure how to do it from my phone. Today, at the gym, we dressed up for Halloween and I dressed up as Wendy from the hambutger place. Have any of you been to a Wendy's?

  • Yes. Would love to see that photo!!

  • If you have another account where you can post pictures, like Google or Flickr, you can post them there and link to it here.

  • Laglag you can embed a picture when you write an original post on this web site but I don't see anything that will allow you to embed a picture in a reply. It would be awesome if we could.

  • I will see if i can figure it out tomorrow morning.

  • I hope you do figure it out Laglag. It would be fun for all of us.

  • I'll figure it out somehow, but it may be a day or two. I'm taking my Dad to get a spinal tap today and, believe it or not, i'm running behind. We'll be there most of the day. Later!

  • Loved that band. " see my amp goes to 11."

  • So how did you do it Hal? Just post the link? I'll give it a try. I will post a FB link of the last picture I completed.

  • Nope -- looks like it didn't work for me.

  • I open up 2 windows and click and drag everything I can until it works. Taking something off of You Tube is easy there is a share button.

  • Wow, I really like your paintings. There is a feeling of optimism in your work. I don't know if that is because I know your back story but it lifts my spirits.

  • Thank you so much Hall for the compliment on my painting.

    I am going to do a click and drag and see if I can get it work.

  • I just saw your paintings, they are beautiful! Very impressive! Love the Swan.

  • I think of you all as friends too and think chatting would be nice. I am worried that it may be hard for Theresa to find a new doctor. Theresa, I hope you have a back up plan and can solve this problem quickly. Maybe your new Movement Disorder Neuro can help somehow.

  • Hopedope --- Please don't worry about me going to a new doctor. I already have her set up. She is a doctor that use to be in that very same clinic and I use to be her patient but she left the practice to open her own place. I stayed with the other doctor that was still in the yesterday I just called her new place and asked about making her my Primary Care Doc and they said no problem. I already signed the release for them to get my records and I have a preliminary appointment next Tuesday.

    And just btw the clinic I just left never did send in the referral to the Movement Disorder Neuro. They just didn't get around to it yet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I'm so glad you have your Primary Care Doc already. That's great! But so awful that the inefficient staff at your other clinic never sent in the referral for your new neuro. My Movement Disorder Neuro is the only one in our city who is that specialty and she is running 6 months ahead for appointments. I guess your new Doctor's staff will get that done now.

  • Yes I'm sure the new clinic will do the referral. I will continue to go to the current Neuro until I get set up with the Movement Disorder Neuro.

  • Will somebody please get Ozie and tell them they are missing their chat room.

  • I'm a happy camper today. Not really camping -- I hate camping. But I'm happy. I just found out that my Victoza was shipped yesterday. YAY!! After my tirade at the doctors office they sent the necessary forms to the insurance company. YAY!!

  • I just posted my Halloween picture on a new post entitled "November Chat #2". I couldn't post it on a reply.

  • I'll check it out.

  • My youngest granddaughter was Queen of the Kindergarten class last night. She acted like real royalty.

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