exercise: mini-trampoline

Just assembled a mini-trampoline and successfully bounced up and down for the first time while holding onto a chest of drawer for balance. Quite a hard thing to do, bounce and keep the balance, when one has PD and a bad knee. I hope I can do this with some benefit for balance and for circulation. Yes, I know it seems I am using a device that mimics the cog-wheeling I already have in my legs. But besides that humorous circumstance, the mini-tramp is something other than the exercise bike, which has become harder and harder to mount. I'm sure bailey already uses one as a part of his circuit training. Long live the bouncers! :)

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  • No mini-tramp for me don't use any machines just weights and gravity. I would not use it. PWP have too many balance problems. Just walking would be a better choice if you can.


  • Bailey_Texas I am happy for you that crosstraining works. We are all such individuals. Each one of us have to do what works for us. My physical therapist said crosstraining would be too strenuous for me. So I do different things like my inversion table, my stationary bike, walking and I'm thinking about getting a shimmering bord.

    Keep up the good work friend 👍👍👍

  • Eva, I know what an inversion table is, but what is a shimmering board?

  • Beckey Amazon calls it a power plate.Check it out🌺

  • What ever suits you, everyone has challenges. Lately my knees have been sore.

  • BUZZ1397 I love your sense of humor !

    I am considering getting a shimmering bored .

    We will get healed yet 👍👍👍

  • I've got to lok that "shimmering board" device up, I'm curious.

  • I have what's called a "rebounder" & it has DVD's that come with it that give you variety. It also comes with a bar that you can hold on to when bouncimg. It's little different than a mini trampoline in that you push down rather than jump up which makes it low impact.

  • I looked at that style too. Bought what I did to save some cash.

  • FYI: NASA researchers found that 10 minutes bouncing on a trampoline is a more efficient cardiovascular workout than over 30 minutes of running.

  • No fooling? Wow, that puts me in a good frame of mind. Thanks Beckey.

  • I know, isn't that cool?

  • yeh no pounding the feet on the floor just some boncy bouncy

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