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Is anyone there ?


Does anyone visit in here?

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Hi. I had decided that nobody visited this site anymore. How are you doing ?

Hi Mollydex,

Did you hear the echo when you called out? There does not seem to be a lot of action on this Hub, which hopefully is a good thing. I guess when we get pacemakers, we have questions for a while and then carry on with life. Not like some some other problems that are constantly around poking you, and keeping you looking for answers.

I hope you are well, Mollydex!


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Hi you are right ;-)

I use a face book page called cardiac athletes that has some really good info on . I am surprised this page is so silent though. Hope you are doing well ;-)

Have a fab weekend

Hello Mollydex.

My pacemaker gives me so little trouble that I forget about it and this page too.

I have found my PM useful for getting to the front of security queues though. I tell the security guard about it, tell it will set of their alarm and they take to the front of the queue scan me by hand and then let me through. saves a lot of time!

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That’s fab. I am going to try that in the future 😁

Hi Mollydex!

Yes! Actually I just signed up for Pacemakers...I was usually going to Arrhythmia Alliance for the past 5 yrs or so! So how are you doing? What kind of Heart Device did you get? How was your surgery? Did you have any complications? What was your pre-Op diagnosis? You will always Pacemaker stories, worries, complaints, or thankfulness!

I am on my 2nd device. I have a CRT-D. I got my first CRT-D when I was 54 for LBBB (Left Bundle Branch Block) Cardiomyopathy, paroxysmal aFib, and heart failure (35% EF), in Aug. 2012. I got my 2nd CRT-D in April 2018! So I have stories! I know if you are still here I would love to hear your story even tho you wrote 10 mos ago! I don't think I was a member of Pacemakers 10 mos ago!

All the Best!

PJ ; )