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Just when things are going smoothly a big fat spanner gets dropped in the works! Found out recently I have a kidney blockage. Could be a stone a tumour or a blood vessel pressing on the ureter. Having a nuclear renogram next week and the operation the following week. Have to stop the rivaroxaban 48 before the op. Saw the anesthetist yesterday about my pacemaker and atrial fibrillation. He is happy that I can have a general anaesthetic so that is reassuring. Still I am a bit scared as this will be my first operation since pacemaker was fitted. Just wondering if anyone here has been through similar. Thanks

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Just checking up on you wpw! Hope all is well with your kidney! Did your surgery go well with the pacemaker? Now that you've succeeded you are a veteran! I had a trip-fall accident and broke my elbow, so yes there was surgery too, and I had to have clearance for my heart condition and my CRT-D device and they had to interrogate it and I got a magnet to put over it! This was 5 months ago, and 3 mos ago I had to have bladder surgery! Both were general anesthesia! When it rains it pours! I survived both with flying colors and I hope you did the same!

Very best regards!


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Hi Pattyjay

Yes surgery was a success. Unfortunately I now have to take sotalol long term for a new heart problem which developed after the surgery. During my life I have had Wolfe Parkinson whyte, atrial fibrillation, total heart block and now back to palpitations.

It only makes you stronger and I am a survivor!! Thanks for your kind words. Good to know you are doing ok too.

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Happy New Year to you! How are you doing? How is the Sotalol? I've never had that so keep me posted! I hope your heart device is keeping you paced OK! I have to have a brain MRI soon (no I don't have an "FDA-Approved CRT-D Medtronic Protect XT model" but it's titanium so our University of Chicago will assemble my EP team to get it done! Not worried! I was in the hospital for a few days up till 8PM New Years EVE for TIA like symptoms so they want to check it out. How is your kidney? Mine has been better since I passed my kidney stone a few months ago, still have CKD but my numbers are much better! Yay! I do hope your palpitations are better for 2018! Hate those! I've been on 12.5 mg of Carvedilol 2X a day and mine have stopped! I look to you as my Eye of the Tiger! Keep ROARING for the New Year! Sorry I didn't get back to to you sooner...I had to re-join with a new email address and I guess i need a new profile pic! I don't know what happened but I couldn't get on because they couldn't find me. My new profile is PattiJayII. Very Similar so just look for both, it's still ME lol! Meantime, stay strong and what doesnt kill us makes us stronger right? I say this year will be a great year!!!! Boooyah!!!!