Fox guarding hen-house alternative

In 4 previous posts to HealthUnlocked: AF Association: Heart Rate Part 1; Heart…Part 2 (simple machines); Heart …Part 3 (Kardia); Heart…Part 4 (Fitbit) it emerged that:

a)For someone with Persistent Afib a heart rate trend (i.e., a graph over time) is the only sensible way to track one’s heart rate.

b) There seems to be no monitor available for the average consumer capable of accurately tracking one’s heart rate trend over a period of 60 minutes.

I’m concerned that my Medtronics ADDRL1 Pacemaker may not be accurately maintaining the lower limit heart rate it is set to (currently 60 bpm). Relying on the results of a Pacemaker ‘interrogation’ seems more a ‘fox guarding the henhouse’ situation.

Are there other ways to monitor one’s Pacemaker in this situation? [For example, is the Pacemaker itself capable of (providing the information to) generate a graph of one’s heart rate over a daily 1-hour interval?]