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How EHR Vendors Are Improving Patient Safety

“It is indisputable that EHRs play a key role in improving patient safety,” he says.

Keeping patients safe is a responsibility shared by everyone in the healthcare ecosystem. What differentiates an EHR vendor is its ability to continually innovate, update, and iterate. Any vendor that claims perfection is not being honest, and what makes a vendor rise above the rest is the level of transparency it offers to the industry and its customers.

Many EHR vendors work around the clock to handle such issues, and we hope to eliminate them in the future. Indeed, the word future holds endless possibilities for the healthcare industry — if we all work together.

I suggest we, as an industry, start sharing details of actual events, near misses, and unsafe conditions so we can quantify the volume and types of risks. In the above-linked document, the IoM recommends we all publically report adverse events to encourage transparency, and support the free exchange of information, including details relating to patient safety. Read more...