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Myeloma and ESR

Hello I am Angela

I have recently had 3 ESR test came back high with all , also low VITIMIN D gp now sending me to heamatogist for myeloma, I have had a very sore mouth for about 6 months , also very tired painful arms and legs night sweats , nausea , I already have CKD stage 3b and , a leek ing heart valve , I am 64 years old , can anyone share some light on this .

Thankyou for any help in advance Angela

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Thanks for your post. Have you seen a myeloma specialist about this?

Your question sounds appropriate to submit to Patient Power's Ask The Expert: Lab Series here: patientpower.info/series/as... Scroll down the page and type in your question and it will go directly to our expert, Dr. Susan Leclair


I have Multiple Myeloma in remission after valcade/revlamid/dexamethasone and Auto and allo stem cell transplants. Allo transplant one year ago. Also have sore mouth from GVHD (fungal infection?). Gargling 4 times with Dexamethason followed by Nystatin helps a lot.  


Glad gargling is helping! 


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