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Myeloma testing

Hi I have suffered for 3 1/2 years with back pain and once was told I was in renal failure but bloods checked again and renal had improve, 3 1/2 years later x Ray shows osteopenia and degenatrive lower thoracic doctor can't give any reason for this and done blood and urine tests they come back clear I am now being sent to see a consultat to rule out myeloma. Could my bloods and urine be normal and still have multiple myeloma ????? In a lot of pain and taking lots of medication to help.

When my kidneys where failing could that of been a myeloma flare up and then settle back down, if anyone has any thoughts on this I would be very grateful.

Many thanks

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Thanks for your post. Have you seen a myeloma specialist about this? What did the consultant say?

Your question sounds appropriate to submit to Patient Power's Ask The Expert: Lab Series here: Scroll down the page and type in your question and it will go directly to our expert, Dr. Susan Leclair


Hi, and thank you for your response, I have referred to a haematologist/oncologist my appointment was Friday but I got a call on Thursday evening from his secretary to tell me that his clinic had to be cancelled so I am waiting for another appointment, my doctor has put me on butrans patch for pain relief but still have to take amytrptiline at night and tramadol during the day,

Many thanks

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Thanks for the update! Hopefully your rescheduled appointment will be soon!


Hi Ziggs my myeloma was discovered in a MRI Scan there was tumour at the bottom off my back and smaller one further up ,but I am sure if you had Myeloma it should show up in your bloods I get bloods taken every month to make sure it is still in remission so that's why I know the bloods show up good luck hopefully you won't have it 

Take Care 



Hi, just a quick update, Been seen my consultants understudy who sent me for a contrast CT scan, they said my kidney function must be due to my medication but this started before I was on all the medication. When I returned for my Results of CT i was seen by a locum he said my blood results all look ok and said I need another CT as a few spots have shown up on my lung. That's all he said, so I went to see my doctor and she asked how my meeting with consultant went and I told her it was shit as he told me nothing and said I need another CT as spots were seen on my lung, my Doctor got my CT report up and said that's interesting and went through the report with me? There are at least 3 sub 5 MM. scattered pleural based densities that may be intrapulmonary lymph node, slightly bulky left thyroid lobe, Benign lesion on left proximal femur and diverticular disease. I have also lost 6 stone in weight.

The Doctor said that if that was her results that she would want a biopsy of the femur lesion and a radio isotope bone scan.

I explained to my doctor that I just want to know what's wrong with my back and why am I in so much pain even though I am on lots of medication, she informed me that she is on my side but I have to wait and see what the next CT scan shows, I explained that I haven't even seen the consultant yet and that the first person I saw said that they would do a CT scan and then an MRI I have not had an MRI yet. Told the doctor that I am frustrated and feel I am getting no answers to why I have multiple collapsed vertebrae and kyphosis of the spine and degenatrive lower lumbar, now I have this report and I don't see the consultant for another 3 months, my Doctor informed me that she has had a patient in the past that had collapsed vertebrae and all his results and scans came back clear but he was still in pain and it was to late when they did find the tumour, this is the same thing that happened to my father, any advice on my results, many thanks


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