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How to use the social sharing buttons

How to use the social sharing buttons

I everyone, I just wanted to tell you a bit about the community sharing functionality. You can probably see two buttons next to a public post. The buttons give you the option to create a Facebook or Twitter link so that your wider network can easily find the post you were reading or writing. Social sharing makes it easier for you to help others find content which you feel may be beneficial to them.

There are a few things to remember about social sharing:

It is only for public posts

Social sharing is only enabled for posts that are public. If a post is private you will not be able to share it. You can tell whether a post is public or private by looking for the lock symbol next to the title. The author of the post selects if the post is private or public.

Note: If the main post is private then the comments underneath are also private. The post will not be locatable by search engines and you must also be a member of the community to view the comments and make your own comment.

E.g. You might want to write a blog like post and later share it with your facebook friends or twitter followers :)

Hope that helps!