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Introducing Myself

Hi, I'm Jerry and have had type IgA MGUS with an abnormal FLC ratio for almost 4 years. I have been relatively stable and hope to remain that way for a long time. I basically have no symptoms and lead a fairly active life. I am an administrator for the MGUS Support group on FB which has over 500 members. The group provides support to each other and shares a lot of MGUS related experience and questions. Like most MGUS patients feel, the difficulty is being in a wait and watch mode. Other than a normal healthy life style , wish there was something else to do to help minimize the chances of progression. Nice to be part of this group and will try and help out if I can.

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Glad you are here Jerry!


Thanks, Jerry!!


Thanks Theresa. The group is a a great bunch of folks and the sharing of experiences and support is a big help.