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Hi, I'm Brian, Community Manager for Patient Power

Hello and welcome to Patient Power's new myeloma community on HealthUnlocked!

I'm really excited to have you here participating in what–with your help–will grow into a valuable resource for patients and their loved ones everywhere.

My name is Brian Blankinship and I manage Patient Power's work to support people living with multiple myeloma, asymptomatic myeloma and MGUS. I am not a patient but I am committed to helping everyone find informative and empowering resources to develop, as we like to say, the knowledge, confidence and hope to live well with cancer.

Please don't hesitate to reach out to me at any point.

Happy connecting!

Brian Blankinship

August 6, 2014

Seattle, Washington, USA

+1 (206) 232-1542 xMM

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I'm excited to be part of this!! I think this will be an excellent resource.


Thanks for being one of the first people to reply. I'm excited to have you on board! Welcome. More soon!


This is a really great thing! It's so important for people in different phases of their battle to have an outlet and be able to talk. I'll help out however I can and am truly excited to participate. I can't wait to meet more people.