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CKD, pregnancy, reflux & bladder augmentation

Hello all

My partner has CKD and history of urine reflux along with spina bifida. She is only 30 and we had a baby recently! I wanted to know

- If anyone experienced a rapid decline in GFR post pregnancy?

- Anyone with similar complexity and current treatment plan?

- Also anyone recently went through bladder augmentation (Open or laparoscopic)

We will be grateful if you could share your experience around the above.

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Congratulations to you both on having a baby. My experience is different; I was already on dialysis when I got pregnant, which is rare. I did still pass urine. Once the baby was born, that stopped almost straight away. Pregnancy puts a huge strain on the kidneys and any residual function I still had went after the pregnancy. Your wife should be prepared for her kidney function to decline. Sorry I can't be more positive; it sounds like she has a lot to deal with already. Good luck.