OPA Charlie's Circle

What would you like from this site?

We have started Charlie's Circle specifically to cater for those who have been diagnosed with oesophageal and/or gastric cancer and for whom curative treatment is not being offered. We think that it can be a useful and effective forum for those who may feel themselves struggling with various issues, and may feel the benefit from being able to communicate with others in a similar position.

So, if you are in this situation, here is the place for you to ask questions, or write blogs. It is your place and we hope and trust that everyone who uses and visits here will respect the situation in which people find themselves.

So what sort of questions and blogs would you like to see here?

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I have been reading and in some cases commenting on blogs on OPA for over a year and recently joined Charlie's Circle as I have not had the op. The trouble is nobody sems to put anything on Charlie's Circle whereas I can pick bits of information that are of interest to me from OPA. Really can't see why they need separating when some treatment applies to all.



It was partly because of feedback from people visiting the OPA site who became a bit anxious when seeing posts from people who had suffered a recurrence (sometimes they come in batches); and partly from those who had a recurrence themselves who did not want to share their bad news with those who were in the middle of recovering from surgery.

Some things (eg chemotherapy) may apply regardless.

The proof of the pudding is in the eating, though, and we will just see how it goes!