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What to eat 2 weeks post oesophagectomy op?

I am doing pretty well after the op, and no real problems eating and have introduced wholemeal toast, lots of meals with mince. I can tolerate milk (good job as the dietician told me to drink and eat full fat everything!) and have yoghurt and ice- cream. Can I introduce some chicken and what about red meats or am I getting carried away. The dietician also told me to steer clear of peas and pulses but not sure how long for? Any advice gratefully received, Julie

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Dear Julie

Well done! You are on your way back to what will eventually be something like near normal.

The overall rule is not to push too hard on the quantity. This 'little and often' rule is generally more important than what you actually eat. Try not to go for what you once thought of as a normal size meal! Do not worry about your weight - it is not a measure of how healthy you are or how well you are recovering as long as you can eat something. But it might be a wardrobe problem.

I would suggest that you make changes gradually, introducing one thing at a time, and then find out, and it is trial and error, what you can tolerate, and what gives you problems.

So keeping your digestion system going is the major thing - it will take time to adjust. There is also less of your system than there used to be, so you won't be able to digest and absorb things as effectively as once you could. Taste buds do usually adjust back again after a while.

Be optimistic, but don't be surprised if things do suddenly upset your system. Make a note of them - there is usually some mysterious gastroenterological logic to it.

If you contact me direct with your postal address I will send you a recipe book.

There is also some information here sosg.info/diet.aspx

Quite a few people have this surgery and get on remarkable well; it is not compulsory to have problems!



Thanks Alan, all sounds good advice and so far I think I may be one of the lucky ones. I have had another good day eating again (minestrone soup for lunch, fish, potatoes and broccoli for tea)

It would be great to get the recipe book - how do I contact you direct? (sorry if this is a silly question) shall I ring the helpline?

Again, many thanks,



The helpline is 0121 704 9860.

If you click on our blue colored names, you should be able to click through to send a message. Or use my email alan@alanmoss.demon.co.uk


Sounds like your doing well.With meat have little bits and chew it well and before cut it up into small peices to see if you can tolerate it.Meat did in the early days and still does makes me burp and have hiccups!!! By the way are you the Julie Julie ??



Thanks Griff - yes I am Julie, Julie!! Just found this site, it looks really helpful!


Well done Julie, we are all in different stages of post op recovery and you seem to be doing really well.

When I was due to leave hospital 2 weeks after the op, I wasnt eating solid food (only liquidised food) the consultant said `eat what you want` so the day I came home it was solid food. Some foods ie white bread I have a big problem with unless its toated. We all live and learn.....5 months after my op I`m basically eating most things, meat in a varitey of ways (mince, lasagne, etc), chicken. Still dont like curries....but then again never did before the op....

I have never been one to sit about but now I`m finding that after `lunch and `dinner` (or tea which ever part of the country you are from) I have to let my meal settle for about an hour before I can do anything. I retired at 55, 3 years ago and set up as a self employed locksmith so there is no rush for me to get back to work. One thing I have found don`t rush into getting back to work, time is the best medicine, I still get shortness of breath and strenuous work plays havock with the scar on my shoulder.

Take each new day, day by day there is some really helpful advice on this site and others will give you loads of encouragement to get well again.....even if its only to say well done..


Hi Mick,

Thank you for your reply which is really helpful. I do think I am doing really well with my eating and just introducing new things all the time.

Do curries disagree with you or is it just the taste? My husband and I would always go to the local curry house once a week so it would be so good if I could eventually get back to that again. I am not bothered about a hot one, really mild would be fine.

As for work I would really like to be able to return eventually. I am only 49 with a 19 year old still at home so financially the best thing would be for me to do at least a few more years. But then again this thing puts a different perspective on life so I think I will have to wait and see how I get on. I won't be considering it though till after Xmas as I have to have 3 more cyles of chemo (what joy!!)

Anyway, thank you again for your advice,

Take care,



When the time comes, we have some employers' notes that are aimed at giving helpful information about what they can expect.



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