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Help severe acid reflux


Hi, my husband had his 1st dilation a few weeks back and now has severe acid reflux, nurse said previous narrowing keep acid down but now it has space to come up, he is on lansprole, doesn’t eat 4 hours prior to bedtime, has a wedge pillow along with other pillows to keep uptight, takes gaviscon, eats the right foods but you can hear it gurgling and cracking and names him cough so no sleep, any suggestions?

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I use a raised bed . I wouldnt trust pillows as I would slip off them during the night . My bed is raised 300mm or 12 inches . Sleep is essential for any sort of quality life.I always sleep on my side which is almost impossible with pillows . I had a special base made with the slope built in - very simple and i would be delighted to send a photo if you are interested. I am 3 years post Ivor Lewis and seldom use Gaviscon or Lanzaprole. Even if I am away from home for a night i will always sort out a way to raise the bed i use .

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