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need help on diet


i have been diagnosed with hypoglycemia with dumping syndrome and i have hep c to top it off i am having to eat an ungodly amount of food just to keep my sugar up and try and keep it leveled out my dr had me on something but it would lower my level and i couldnt afford it i really would like to know is there a certain diet or foods that i need to be eating or avoiding that will help me stay level i am hitting in the 20s 30s and 40s most everyday

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I have suffered from very low blood sugar levels for many years. The one thing that usually helps is eating half an avocado pear. It might be worth a try.

All the best


Have you had surgery removing your oesophagus? Forgive me for asking, but many people on this site have had such surgery and have special circumstances that affect their sugar:insulin balance.


I’ve been 3,5yr post op total gastrectomy. Endocrinologyst advised and it works for me - eat carbs, fat and protein together in equal prop, this way you can hold sugar better. And of course, very small portions every 1.5h - 2h.

Hope, it will work for you too

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