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Thank you all who replied to my previous post. I have another query. I am now 5 months since my Ivor Lewis op and was just wondering how often you guys suffer from retching (eg daily?) I find I am going maybe 3-4 days completely free of it and then wham! it all starts over again.

Could anyone consol me by telling me this is normal?

Thanks again for your help. I'm beginning to feel I'm completely on my own re assistance from my surgical team. It's weeks since my last consultation and another three till my next.

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Sorry to hear you are experiencing this. I was asking the same question about my Dad not so long ago. He would constantly retch post op and I was quite worried. Especially when he started post op radiotherapy.

This is something that has now got better. He hasn't been retching for approx a month now and he is 6 months post op.

Amy xxxx


Thank you for taking the time to reply. In your Dad's case did his hospital or GP take an interest or, like me did he just have to get on with it himself.

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They advised that taking anti sickness tablets may help with this so he started taking domperidone more regularly and it did help. He still sometimes takes it but not as regularly. But if he does it will be before a meal.

But no, they weren't overly concerned


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My husband had the gagging/retching also, especially in the mornings until about 6-7 months post operation. It did eventually stop. Hope you get relief from it soon.


I am 2 years+ post-op and still experience retching or near-retching after eating too much--sometimes as much as four hours later. As with acid reflux, it is more likely to come on if the head is insufficiently elevated. In my case, it is almost always preceded by a coughing fit and quelled by a cough syrup containing codeine--brand name Tussionex in the US. Best wishes,



It would be worth contact the specialist nurse. It may be that medication like Domperidone, or an alternative, might be able to help.


The NHS is brilliant at stopping you dying but, by and large, does b***** all to help you go on living!

This is for two reasons:-

1) Time and money

2) Because they know there is little or nothing tangible to be done that patient recuperation plus acclimatization won't heal.

Do remember that your GP has probably never had another patient with your condition before so there is little recourse available in that quarter.

It can seem very frustrating and lonely, which is why this web site was put together.

Hang in there and keep your morale up..........I can assure you that it's more than worth it.


I agree entirely with your comments. Thanks for your support.

Incidentally, one of our GPs thought it quite funny to make a joke about someone not having a stomach!!


Just a thought. I understand the domperidone needs to be taken a set interval before eating, so it might be worth checking the instruction leaflet carefully just in case...


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