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I had my Ivor Lewis 15 months ago and have been doing very good i think since .I had one dilation in the weeks after the operation . In the last 4 or 5 weeks I sense I get "full up " to a much greater and uncomfortable extent than had been the case since the early days . I cant say that I have a particular difficult swallowing so I am wondering if the "full up" symptons could indicate the need for a dilation ?

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  • Why not phone your specialist nurse or doctor and ask what your full up symptom means?

    I think it's better to tell them when anything changes.

  • The full up feeling could be due to your meal size. I find 6-8 small hand sized meals are better for me than 3 square meals as I used to have. Since my op I have given up meat and feel much better eating light meals such as omelettes, fish and cauliflower rice with small chopped up veggies. I also snack in nuts, avocado, muesli bars esp. apricot and coconut. I do take vitamin supplements, Nexium and Manuka honey and turmeric. Feeling quite well apart from nagging pain under right rib. It has been there for ages, no idea what it is despite every possible investigation.

  • I get this after about 4 - 5 months (the frequency is now decreasing), where I will fill up very quickly and get very uncomfortable. In each case I have had had a "lower pyloris dilation". The relief is instant and will last for several months. In each case my surgeon has confirmed that a dilation was required. I have also had several throat dilation's with the same instant relief.

    The process is painless for me as I opt for maximum sedation.

  • Thanks Bruce . I have taken steps as you suggest and am sure that will bring about an improvement.


  • Hi

    Sounds like you may need another dilatation, its best to speak with your specialist at hospital as others have said. Ive just had my fifth 'Stetch' as my surgeon calls it and I'm two years post IL op. It was more frequent in the early days then Im lasting longer now before I need another one. Im hoping not to need any more, but it is what it is I suppose. However I still can only eat very small meals and snacks, 6-8 times a day or problems. Good luck with it and if there is any advice I could give is, don't put up with it if its getting worse because once it's done you will have the benefit and wish you had done it sooner. All the best.

  • Thanks Lara. I am hoping to organise a "Stretch" in the next week or so . I found/find that sometimes when I dont feel like eating that a glass of wine can be very helpful . I have not seen wine mentioned on this site ?


  • Hi Kieran

    Yes, my Doctor said that half a small glass of wine can help stimulate appetite, so you're right. My dietician at hospital said a small amount of alcohol is okay occasionally, but need to watch because it will have more of an effect than before, and avoid carbonated drinks e.g. sparkling wines and sweet drinks as they can lead to a 'spike' in sugars and dumping syndrome. I suppose you try and see what works for you. Unfortunately wine can add to acid reflux problems. Good luck with your Stretch!

  • I had my Ivor Lewis surgery just over 3 years ago. Just went through my 12th dilation. Was informed that I may have to have one done every 6 months now. Does anyone know if this is okay?

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