Possible internal scarring pain

Hi, I had a partial oesophagectomy and partial gastrectomy just over 2 years ago. Over the last 3 weeks I have developed a pain where the op took place that only occurs when I stand up i.e. when my insides stretch. Anyone else experienced this? I did have a CT scan and have a PET scan on Monday and they said there is a thickening around the join. So it is possible its scarring or else you know what :-(

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  • It can be very worrying when you have these things. I think that you mean that the PET scan will be next week? You can only speculate until you have the scan that should give the answer. There are lots of things that give you odd aches and pains. Some of them turn out to be straightforward but there is no way of telling until you get properly checked out. We'll hope for the best!

  • I think after this operation things will never feel 'normal'again but I know what you mean. Any aches and pains can be worrying. I am over three and a half years post op and still get them so I would try not to get too worried about it. Good luck. James.

  • I'm three years post-op and still feel slightly strange around the scars. Most of the time this is just in the background but sometimes I do something and it seems to pull a bit more than it should. I suspect that this is normal - these are big scars!

  • I am 25 years post op and this phenomenon is still happening - it is disconcerting as you don't know whether to panic or not.

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