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Anyone having problems with the hot weather?

After enduring the long winter and looking forward to warmer weather I am now finding that the hot weather is having a marked effect on my appetite and stamina. I have been lucky to come to Spain for a few weeks where it is pretty hot but quite normal for this time of year. I sense that my new system just wants me to 'shut down' in these conditions and I find that even spending a few minutes in the sun whilst swimming tires me out rather than me feeling the benefit of the exercise. Also I find that I can eat almost nothing in the evenings which has been frustrating especially when attempting to eat out. I appreciate that I am lucky 12 months post op to be even doing this but wondered how others are coping with or, hopefully, enjoying the good weather?

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I think this weather tires most of us, and it does affect the appetite as well. So probably it just emphasises the difficulties you have anyway. My guess is that it is important to keep hydrated as a priority - keeping cool might be more difficult though?


Hola Martin

Lucky you .

Today we had 33 C here in UK ! Even 22 yrs post-op I still find that the effect of temperature, either hot or cold, seems to produce an exaggerated feeling of discomfort. I have tried taking my temperature when either shivering or sweating like the proverbial but it always reads normal.

Why this should be I have no idea. Maybe it is a side effect from cutting the Vagus nerve ; I tend to think that our entire metabolism has been re-set with altered thresholds.

It's a subject worthy of research.

In a similar vein suppression of appetite is an exaggeration of what a 'normal' person feels in the heat, the local customs of siesta and eating late at night are sensible coping strategies.

For a mere twelve-monther you are doing remarkably well -- be patient.




Thanks Jonathan

Your comments are really helpful and make a lot of sense. I am back home now and, on reflection, think I was suffering from heat exhaustion. I am still quite thin so my body has little 'thermal mass'. Looking on the web it seems temperatures over 26 degrees are risky for frail, elderly etc so it's no wonder we are prone to suffer with this. I will just need to try and avoid going to hot places at this time of year. As you say, I think I am doing OK as it is exactly a year ago when I had the op.

I hope you are keeping well

Best wishes



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